Why Consume Hydroponic Vegetables?

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Soil-less Cultivation
hydroponic vegetable farming
Nutritional Value
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Chelated Nutrients
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In agriculture, the adage 'As you sow, so shall you reap' is especially meaningful when it comes to the vegetables you eat. Our produce is healthier due to the fact that optimal nutrients are fed directly to the root of the plants.

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We are backed by a diligent team of professionals, who are well versed with all the aspects of procurement and understand market demands. We consistently strive hard and offer qualitative products to serve our clients. Our firm assumes a key part in aiding them to pick right devices at moderate rates and serve you as an organic

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Leafy Vegetables

As the name suggests these are bright or green coloured vegetables. They are rich in many nutrients such as fibre and add a unique colour and texture to your salads.

Fresh Herbs

Herbs are rich in antioxidants such as cloves, cinnamon, sage, and oregano. They have the correct nutrients to control the cholesterol in the body. They are used heavily for garnishing.

Edible Flowers

This is the most sought-after meal in the culinary world, who doesn’t want flowers that you can add to your meals as a garnish and in fine food recipes. Discover your favourite shades to grow.

Medicinal Plants

These plants not only heals your physical body but also helps to open hearts and soul to reconnect us with spirit & guide us in developing respectful and joyful relation with the nature.


The food that almost everyone was disgusted of as children, but at that time we were never aware of its value. Vegetables are considered the healthiest type of food.


Fruits are soft, pulpy and colourful part of the plant that everyone loves. You can find a variety of colours and flavours of fruits.

Testimonial Jaywant Green Bliss Corporation

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hydroponic farms in pune

as I had a conversation with the farm owners they are well known to supply to 5 - 7 star hotels across pune and are loved by most known chefs in pune …. It was great to be there all the best team JGBC farms hope to see you on the list of the best hydroponic farm in india soon

Sir, I must say microgreens are just beautiful!!! Hydroponics provide an excellent solution for feeding people in the face of climate change and water scarcity. People can't tell the difference when they taste. Jaywant green bliss has done an outstanding job.

Dear Sir, All the products is exceptionally good. A general feedback from all the chefs here. It uses advanced farming techniques to grow

hydroponic exotic vegetables.

There are no pesticides or residues in this product.

High quality vegetable producer.


Exotic Vegetables Supplier in Pune.

I'm a chef and I wanted some exotic veggies like red yellow bell peppers , beefsteak tomatoes and some baby carrots and then I ended up with JGBC farms. They were was so fresh as it was just plucked from the farms , they have a good range of products , you should definitely try.

They provide amazing exotic vegetables in Pune. Happy with their service.

I recently bought some vegetables and medicinal plants from JGBC farms, and I definitely recommend them because they were really fresh and affordable.

I worked with JGBC farms for 2 years and they always have the nicest plants and vegetables that are also the most reasonably priced and always fresh. Since the vegetables from JGBC farms are always fresh and last a lot longer than those from natural supermarkets, I always opt for them.

I tried some of the JGBC farms' hydroponic products because I had heard so many good things about them. They were incredibly fresh and reasonably priced. Since these vegetables are cultivated on their own farm, I strongly advise purchasing them.

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