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What is jalapeno

Capsaicin, a chemical compound concentrated in the white pithy ribs of a pepper, gives jalapenos, a member of the nightshade family that also includes tomatoes, eggplant, and potatoes, their heat. Jalapenos, like most hot peppers, vary in heat depending on a variety of growing conditions, such as sunlight exposure and soil pH. The Scoville scale measures the heat of a pepper in Scoville units, and jalapenos range from 2,500 to 8,000. They are most frequently used in Mexican food, have a heat level between poblanos and habaneros, and are typically among the least expensive fresh peppers at the grocery store.
A mature jalapeno pepper hangs down and is 5–10 cm long. Its round, firm, smooth flesh is 25–38 mm wide.

How to use jalapeno

Depending on the use, fresh jalapenos can be chopped, sliced, or diced. To evenly distribute the heat in a salsa or salad dressing, prepare a small dice. When you want to pack more heat into a bite, like on nachos, slice jalapeno rings. The ribs and seeds can be removed to lessen the heat. When handling fresh jalapenos, however, exercise caution because the oils on your fingers can get into your eyes, nose, or other sensitive skin areas and cause pain.
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Flavour. Jalapeno has a vegetal flavour similar to a green bell pepper and a heat                  effect in front of your mouth.

  • ● Vitamin A is essential for maintaining eye health, and it also helps to ensure clear vision.
  • ● Jalapenos' heat has anti-inflammatory properties. This can help you relax and temporarily block pain receptors.
  • ● Jalapenos contain vitamin A, C and K which iis likely to help in prevention of heart diseases and other risk factors.
  • ● Jalapeno have low calories and properties which can boost your metabolism by raising the core body temperature.
  • ● Vitamin C, which is abundant in jalapenos and is known to combat free radicals, which are known to promote the growth of cancer cells.
  • ● Jalapenos have antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, which can inhibit the growth of bacteria and infections like strep throat and tooth decay.

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