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A plant with loose leaves that is edible and comes from cabbage in the mustard family is kale. The distinct advantage of our method of farming(hydroponic farming) is that we provide you with these leafy greens irrespective of the weather all year round. The leaves can be consumed either raw or cooked. The leaves have a distinct flavor and are crisp, tough, and dry. A robust leafy green, it. Young kale has somewhat flavorful, softer, and thinner leaves. JGBC is the leading

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A rosette of elongated leaves with waved to frilled borders are produced by kale plants. Depending on the cultivar, the leaves can also be light green, crimson, or purple in addition to their normal blue-green hue. The primary stem grows to a height of at least 60 cm (24 inches) during a lengthy growing season. The plant can be harvested by chopping off the entire rosette before the stalk lengthens, or (particularly in regions with lengthy, chilly growing seasons) by gradually removing the individual lower leaves.

Flavors : Strong and earthy taste with a slight nutty flavor.

  • ● Kale Is Among The Most Nutrient-Dense Foods on The Planet
  • ●  Rich in Vitamin A, B6, C and K.
  • ●  Is loaded with powerful antioxidants like Quercetin and Kaempferol.
  • ●  Can help lower Cholesterol, which may reduce the risk of heart disease.
  • ●  There are numerous cancer-fighting substances in kale.
  • ●  High in minerals, some of which many people are deficient in.
  • ●  High in Lutein and Zeaxanthin, powerful nutrients that protect the eyes.
  • ●  Should be able to help you lose weight.

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