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Lettuce Oakleaf Red (Bouquet)

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A red version of the perennially popular regular oakleaf in green. Red Oakleaf is quite heat resistant and slow to bolt, just like its near relative. Although this lettuce is typically cultivated to be harvested at the baby-leaf stage for delectable salads, it may also be grown to full size heads. The leaves develop from a base that is semi-tightly packed with leaves, growing upward and outward. Green oak leaf lettuce has a buttery texture, a very mellow, nutty, and sweet flavor, and it rarely turns bitter, even in warm climates. The leaf form results in a thick bundle of leaves with a gentle, sweet flavor and strong resistance to bolting. JGBC is the leading

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The leaves of a lettuce cultivar known as oak leaf lettuce are highly lobed and resemble the leaves of an oak tree. The leaves are commonly harvested when they are small as baby lettuce leaves, even though the plants can be left to mature into full-sized open heads of lettuce. Red Salad Bowl Lettuce and Salad Bowl Lettuce are two varieties that are particularly popular. Oak leaf lettuce is a gourmet type of lettuce with soft, delicate leaves. The wide lobes and strongly undulating border of the lettuce leaves resemble oak leaves. Commonly delicate and sweet, oak leaf lettuces are great in salads. Also available in the form of a bouquet delivered to you straight from the farm with roots and the right nutrients in the most fresh state possible.edible. JGBC is the

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Flavors : Give off a moderate, nutty flavor with a hint of bitterness.

  • ● Phytonutrients with characteristics that promote health and prevent disease.
  • ●  Flavonoids protect against lung and oral cancer.
  • ●  Excellent source of vitamin K, C, and folates.
  • ●  Provide antioxidants and shield the retina from UV radiation.
  • ●  Diets rich in xanthine and carotenes may offer some protection against age-related macular degeneration in older people (ARMD).
  • ●  The right amounts of iron, calcium, magnesium, and potassium, all of which are essential for human metabolism.

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