Lettuce Romaine (Bouquet)

Category : Leafy Vegetables
Romaine lettuce is elongated in shape, medium to big in size, and has stiff, erect leaves. The broad, loosely-attached leaves, which typically measure 10-15 cm in length and have numerous folds and creases, are broad and attached to a central base that is blanched. The leaves are dark green on the outside with a distinct white rib in the center. As the leaves get smaller in the center, they become paler in color, almost turning white. With a mild, somewhat bitter flavor, romaine lettuce is snappy, crisp, and delicious. JGBC is the leading

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When used both raw and cooked, such as when braising, grilling, or mildly boiling, romaine lettuce performs well. The leaves can be ripped up and added to salads fresh, or they can be used as a dipping dish for fillings, sauces, and dips. Additionally, for more crunch, they can be piled on sandwiches, burgers, and wraps. Romaine lettuce is good for grilling, braising with cooked vegetables and meat, adding to soups, and cutting and combining into stir-fries in addition to fresh dishes. Romaine lettuce can resist intense heat. Also available in the form of a bouquet delivered to you straight from the farm with roots and the right nutrients in the most fresh state possible.

Flavors : Incredibly crisp, juicy, and flavorsome with a slight bitter undertone.

  • ● Keeps bones and teeth strong and supports the immune system.
  • ●  Aids in blood clotting, muscular function, bone growth and maintenance, and nerve and muscle function.
  • ●  Prevent osteoporosis-related bone mineral loss and fractures.
  • ●  Maintains the kidneys, lungs, and heart. The eyes are also supported by vitamin A.
  • ●  Supports the creation of DNA and genetic material, as well as cell division.
  • ●  Relaxes your body's muscles and aids in the activity of enzymes.
  • ●  An electrolyte that keeps your heart beating consistently is potassium.

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