Lollo Roso(Bouquet)

Category : Leafy Vegetables
Lollo rosso (red coral lettuce) are packed with antioxidants and other vital nutrients. Additionally, they have delicate, burgundy-red leaves that add color and texture to any salad. The rosette-shaped Lollo Rosso lettuce develops to be small to medium in size, with an average diameter of 15-20 cm. Light green in the middle and deep red-maroon around the borders characterize the frilly and curled, fan-shaped leaves. The leaves are single-branched and joined at the base; they do not have a head. JGBC is the leading

Lollo rosso lettuce Wholesaler in India

The bright color, curly texture, and mild flavor of Lollo Rosso lettuce are best displayed when used uncooked. The curly leaves' increased surface area and capacity to absorb and hold salad dressing make them a favorite addition to salads with other greens. The leaves can also be piled in sandwiches, shredded, and sprinkled over soups as a garnish. Due to its ability to withstand extremely high temperatures, it is also grown as a baby leaf variety that is added to many salad mixes. The Lollo Rosso lettuce is most frequently used fresh in salads and is favored for its texture, color, and curly edges. Also available in the form of a bouquet delivered to you straight from the farm with roots and the right nutrients in the most fresh state possible.

Flavors : Tender, Crisp and chewy with a sweet, slightly bitter and nutty flavor.

  • ● Abundance of Vitamin B6, C, A, E, and vitamin K
  • ●  Has the ability to improve vision due to antioxidant properties
  • ●  Helps in boosting the immune system and helps the body to recover faster
  • ●  Makes the skin seem young as well as protects it from pimples and acne
  • ●  May reduce the risk of frequent colds and infections
  • ●  Nutrients in lollo rosso that promote the health of bones
  • ●  Used to treat anxiety where they believed it is due to neurological properties

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