Rainbow Baby Swiss Chard
(Yellow & Red)

Category : Leafy Vegetables
Often referred to as "Rainbow Chard," the stem can range in color from white to hot pink or scarlet. With its yellow and red stems and huge, dark green to purple leaves, Swiss chard is a bright leafy green that may be pure visual pleasure. Swiss chard, which is actually a subspecies of beet, is a biennial that is typically grown as an annual for its big, flavorful leaves. JGBC is the leading

Rainbow Baby Swiss Chard Wholesaler in India

We at JGBC make this green delicacy available to you all year around irrespective of the weather and climate because of our hydroponic way of growing all the leafy vegetables. The lustrous, deep green leaves contrast well with the wide spectrum of yellow hues. It is a fantastic choice for producing baby leaves because of its robust and quick growth. Bright yellow stalks that are tender and sweet, along with lush, highly crinkled leaves. ideal for steaming greens or salads.

Flavors : A little milder than spinach; the leaves are mild, sweet, earthy, and barely bitter.

  • ● Extremely good source of magnesium and potassium.
  • ●  Rich in minerals, including fiber, that may reduce blood sugar levels.
  • ●  Help you shed pounds and keep them off permanently.
  • ●  Calcium and vitamin K-rich foods are vital for sustaining bone health.
  • ●  Used as an old-fashioned treatment to decrease blood sugar levels.
  • ●  Contains anti-inflammatory and anti-proliferative qualities that combat colon cancer.
  • ●  Include vitamin K, vitamin C, and vitamin A, as well as vitamin E, riboflavin, and vitamin B6.

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