Red Amaranthus

Category : Leafy Vegetables
The fleshy, round leaves of red amaranth plants are occasionally pointy at the tips. The central stalk of the Red Amaranthus, which is densely populated with delicious seeds, sprouts feathery purple, magenta, or red blooms. When young, the leaves are mildly nutty and astringent when uncooked, similar to spinach. Similar to chard or beet greens, larger, more mature leaves are preferable for stewing or braising. JGBC is the leading

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After being shown to be rich in vital vitamins and nutrients, research has led to a renaissance in interest in the humble Amaranth leaves. They can aid in lowering the risk of heart disease because they are high in potassium and fiber. As a result, they are regarded as heart-healthy foods. This plant's seeds, in addition to its leaves, are an essential source of gluten-free protein. Red Amaranthus is a leafy vegetable with vivid red leaves that is incredibly nutrient-dense and tastes something like beats. A center stalk that is crammed with edible seed produces fluffy purple, magenta, or red blossoms in the Red variant.

Flavors : Raw, they have a mild nutty flavor that is slightly astringent, similar to spinach.

  • ● High in fiber both soluble and insoluble aids in weight loss and prevents heart disease.
  • ●  A powerful punch of iron.
  • ●  Rich in Vitamin A, B, K, protein and potassium.
  • ●  A protein-rich, completely gluten-free flour.
  • ●  Promotes hair growth and healthy skin.
  • ●  Reduce bad cholesterol, which is the cause of numerous cardiac issues.
  • ●  Helpful in treating diarrhea and hemorrhages and also benefits digestion.
  • ●  Almost every organ in the body benefits from them, making them a superfood.

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