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Some of the names given to Costus Igneus Nak, also known by its biological name Chamaecostus cuspidatus, include Insulin plant, Step ladder, and Spiral flag. Costus igneus Nak is a member of the genus Costus and is a native of South and Central America. It belongs to the plant family Costaceae. The largest species in the family, Costus, which has approximately 150 species, is mostly found in tropical settings. Despite being an American native, this plant is abundant in Southern Indian gardens, where it is known as the "Insulin Plant." In India, Costus igeus, often known as the insulin plant, is a member of the Costaceae family. Consuming the leaves is said to help lower blood glucose levels, and diabetics who have done so report seeing a reduction in their blood sugar levels. The purpose of this study was to determine whether Costus igeus had any hypoglycemic effects on dexamethasone-induced hyperglycemia.

Flavor :

The insulin plants have a bitter taste which can be eaten raw.

  • ● The antioxidants diosgenin and quercetin, which are found in the insulin plant, are good for treating oxidative stress in the pancreas, liver, and kidney. In diabetic     rats, it has produced superior results.
  • ● In-vitro mammalian fibrosarcoma cells may be susceptible to the anti-cancer and anti-proliferative effects of the ethanolic extract of insulin plant leaves,     according to research.
  • ● According to research, the insulin plant possesses anodyne properties that aid to lessen the nervous system's sensitivity.
  • ● The leaves of the insulin plant have a significant impact on blood sugar levels in addition to lowering them.
  • ● The insulin plants are popular to treat diabetes by reducing the blood sugar level effectively.

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A frequently asked questions

Regular consumption of insulin plant leaves in conjunction with other modalities of treatment has effectively provided glycaemic control in diabetics; the dose of insulin could be reduced to half.

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