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Oxalis, the dicotyledonous flowering plant order that includes the wood sorrel, with 1,810 species spread across 6 families and 58 genera. Annuals, perennial herbs, lianas, shrubs, and trees from temperate and tropical climates are all members of the family Oxalis. According to the Angiosperm Phylogeny Group II (APG II) botanical classification system, Oxalis is a hitherto unanticipated connection of families that is grouped with the Celastrales (the order of bittersweet) and Malpighiales in the Rosid I group of the core eudicots. Oxalis frequently have compound leaves, and the majority of species have blooms with five or six sepals and petals, double the number of anthers, and five fused or distinct carpels. Many species have connected arils on their seeds, which are frequently linked to animal dispersal.

The family Oxalidaceae

, sometimes known as the wood sorrel family, has 770 species and six genera. It is distinguished by its compound leaves, which include leaflets with thicker bases (pulvini). Many species use the shutting of their leaves or leaflets throughout the night or in severe weather to signal movement. The plants build up oxalic acid, which gives them their peculiar "sorrel" or sour flavor. The majority of Oxalidaceae members are found in tropical areas, while some are native or even weedy there. With more than 700 species of plants worldwide, Oxalis is the largest genus, and Biophytum is the second-largest with roughly 50 species of herbs or tiny shrubs. There are only two species of tropical trees in the genus Averrhoa, and A. carambola (star fruit) is cultivated for its ripe, acidic fruits.
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  • ● On bug bites, burns, and skin eruptions, the leaf juice is applied
  • ● Children can be washed with an infusion to get rid of hookworms.
  • ● Muscle swellies, boils, and pimples are treated using the plant's juice and butter.
  • ● Oxalis serves as an antiscorbutic in the treatment of scurvy and is a strong source of vitamin C.
  • ● It is used to treat traumatic injuries, sprains, deadly snake bites, enteritis, fever, flu, and urinary tract infections.
  • ● The leaves are employed as a preventative measure against poisoning caused by datura seeds, arsenic, and mercury.

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