Calamondin Oranges

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The Calamondin, often referred to as the Philippine lime or the Acid orange, is a mix between sweet tangerines and kumquats. The resulting fruit has a sweet-tart flavor that works well in liqueurs, pastries, and preserves.

Citrus trees are particularly cherished during the Chinese New Year, when they are frequently presented as gifts and are believed to bring the receiver luck and fortune. The prolific Calamondin type is especially well-liked because it is believed that the more fruit a tree bears, the luckier it is regarded to be.

While the fruiting season on most citrus trees is brief, this miniature gem thrives indoors, even in our chilly climates. All through the year, it produces firm-skinned tiny fruits and exquisite white blooms with a light orange scent.
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Like lemon or lime, calamondin juice can be used to make hydrating drinks, flavor fish, and make cakes, marmalades, pies, preserves, sauces, as well as to use in soups and teas.

Like its relative, the kumquat, the calamondin can be consumed entire when raw. These little citrus fruits are very snackable because they resemble huge cherries in size. For a sour, acidic citrus flavour, prepare fresh calamondin similarly to how you would a lemon, lime, or orange.

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