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The origin of pansies is unknown since they have been grown for such a long time under such a wide range of circumstances and in such a wide range of forms. Domestication gave rise to the diverse types with their remarkable color variations. The pansy can be an annual or a transient perennial, and it can reach heights of between 6 and 12 inches (15 to 30 cm). Oval or oblong leaves develop from the stems, while heart-shaped or rounder leaves emerge from the base. The plant produces velvety flowers with five petals that range in size from 2.5 to 5 cm (1 to 2 inches) and are typically seen in hues of blue, yellow, and white. JGBC is the leading supplier of

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These little flowers are a go-to option for edible garnishes and cake decorations; you might even be able to locate them in the grocery store's refrigerated area. The leaves and blossoms are both edible and rich in vitamins A and C. You may make syrup, flavored honey, and natural dyes with the blossoms.

Flavor :

The pansy has fresh, little spice and lettuce-like flavor.

  • ● Pansy flower oil has strong antibacterial properties that are useful for treating infections and wounds.
  • ● Pansies are helpful for alleviating the common cold and flu since they are high in anti-allergen and mucilaginous characteristics.
  • ● Potentially calming effects for sore throats help to reduce coughing and throat discomfort.
  • ● Salicylic acid is present in pansies, making them a common astringent. To calm inflamed and dry skin, you can either apply it as a mask or mist it all over your     face.
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A frequently asked questions

Pansies are living, edible flowers that are frequently used as decorations on baked foods. Additionally, they are a lovely accent to spring rolls.

Pansies are a fantastic choice for novice gardeners since they are full with legend, lore, and bright colors. Discover why you must have them in your spring garden! Because they are easy to grow and give a rainbow of cheerful colors during the cooler months of the year, pansies are a favorite spring and fall flower.

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