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Lemon Cucumbers

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What is lemon cucumber?
Lemon cucumbers are an exciting and refreshing edition to your garden and for summer recipes. Lemon cucumbers can be pickled but are most frequently used in raw dishes. They can be sliced in salads made of fresh greens, tofu, zucchini, and peas, or they can be eaten raw with basil pesto.

Lemon cucumbers

can also be juiced and added to smoothies, cocktails, and agua frescas. Pair with citrus, olives, vinegar, fresh herbs, cheeses, summer squash, tomatoes, and carrots. Lemon cucumbers can be kept in the fridge for up to three days.
Lemon cucumbers, despite its name, don't taste citrusy; instead, they taste just like the regular green, oblong cucumbers you're used to seeing and eating, but they're frequently thought of as a little less bitter. Instead, the "lemon" in there refers specifically to how they look. Each one is roughly the exact size and structure as an egg or a lemon, and when it is ripe, it turns yellow rather than remaining green. On the vine, they resemble miniature melons, to which they are related.
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They just taste like the green cucumbers, even less bitter, even though they are called lemon cucumbers, and do not have any citrus flavor.

  • ● It is one of the vegetables with a lot of moisture and relatively few calories. Additionally, it has no cholesterol or saturated fats.
  • ●  Lemon cucumbers are a good source of dietary fiber, both soluble and insoluble, which lowers intestinal issues and protects against colon cancer.
  • ●  The lemon cucumber is enriched with potassium which is a heart`s friendly electrolyte that helps to reduce total blood pressure.
  • ●  Lemon cucumbers have a modest diuretic effect, which may be due to their high potassium, low sodium, and free-water content. It aids in preventing blood pressure and weight gain.
  • ●  It has vitamin-K which helps to improve bone strength.

A frequently asked questions

It is one of the very low-calorie, moisture-rich vegetables; it provides just 12 calories per 100 g and plenty of water and electrolytes. Besides, it contains no saturated fats or cholesterol. Lemon cucumber is a good source of soluble and insoluble dietary fiber.

    1. Swap them for green cucumbers in Greek salad or other salad recipes that call for cucumbers.
    2. Eat them like an apple and enjoy them whole.
    3. Cut them into wedges and serve with other crudite as a great snack or appetizer.
    4. Grill them and drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle sea salt and crushed black pepper.

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