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Despite being called "lettuce," frisée (pronounced "free-ZAY") really belongs to the chicory plant family and not the lettuce family. Belgian endive, green endive, radicchio, escarole, and treviso are some of its distant relatives.
However, the misconception is justified because some chicory species, like frisee and escarole, resemble lettuce quite a bit.
Occasionally, especially in the UK, it is also referred to as "curly endive" or "chicory." Despite the names being identical, this green vegetable is slightly different. The leaves of other endives are typically wide and round. The leaves of frisee, in contrast, are short and bushy.
Frisee has slender, frizzy leaves that resemble shredded lettuce in appearance. Nearer to its center, the leaves' green color fades to a pale yellow-green. But while having a torn-lettuce appearance, it has a distinct flavor all its own.
When cooking salads or other dishes using veggies, it may not be everyone's favorite, but it is still edible. It tastes slightly harsh and spicy, as was already indicated. Even though the majority of its components can be consumed, the pale, yellow heart is usually avoided because of how bitter it tastes.
The best way to enjoy this green vegetable is with other flavorful components or recipes. For example, serving frisee as a side with tender cajun roast chicken will undoubtedly improve the standard of your meal.
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Flavors : The flavor of frisee is mildly bitter.

  • ● Eyesight can be improved with frisee.
  • ● Frisee helps to regulate blood sugar level and prevent diabetes.
  • ● A well-known vegetable with few calories, endive is also well-known for aiding in weight loss.
  • ● Frisee is enriched with vitamin k which promotes healthy blood clotting and overall bodily function and is necessary for the body to function.

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