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What is Stevia ?

The stevia plant is a South American natural herb shrub. For hundreds of years, it has been used as food and medicine. The stevia plant provides sweetness without adding calories. Steviol glycosides, the main ingredients that give stevia its sweetness, are found in the leaves.
In reduced-calorie packaged goods and beverages, sweeteners made from stevia leaves are used in place of sugar. Additionally, they are found in various tabletop sweetener packets under the Equal Naturals, NutraSweet Natural, Pure Via, Stevia In The Raw, Truvia, Wholesome, and Whole Earth brands. In comparison to ordinary sugar, stevia is 200–300 times sweeter. To supply the same amount of sweetness as other common sweeteners, it often needs 20% less land and a lot less water. JGBC is the leading

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Flavor :

The leaves of stevia have a very sweet taste.

  • ● Stevia sweeteners don't add calories or carbohydrates to the diet, according to research. Additionally, they haven't shown any impact on insulin responsiveness     or blood sugar levels. This allows people with diabetes to eat a wider variety of foods and comply with a healthful meal plan.
  • ● Stevia has very few, if any, calories and no sugar. It can assist in lowering energy intake without compromising taste by being a component of a well-balanced     diet.
  • ● Kaempferol is one of the several sterols and antioxidant substances found in stevia.
  • ● Kaempferol is one of the several sterols and antioxidant substances found in stevia.
  • ● It has been discovered that certain glycosides in stevia extract can widen blood arteries. They may also enhance urine production and salt excretion.
  • ● Stevia-containing foods and drinks can help children's diets by reducing the calories from undesirable sweeteners.

A frequently asked questions

Stevia is often touted as a safe and healthy sugar substitute that can sweeten up foods without the negative health effects linked to refined sugar.

The World Health Organization defines the acceptable daily intake (ADI) as 4 mg of stevia per kilogram of body weight. According to an FDA estimate, that means a 150-pound person could safely eat up to 10 packets of stevia a day-way more than you actually need, considering its intense sweetness.

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