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are root fresh vegetables that are connected to carrots and parsley and are members of the Apiaceae family. It has cream-colored skin and flesh, as well as a carrot-like long, tapered taproot.

Parsnips, which are native to Eurasia, have indeed been fostered since the period of the Romans. They are collected from fall to spring, like many other

root vegetables in India

. Because starch granules convert to carbohydrates during their winter hibernation, those collected in the spring tend to be the sweetest.
Both carrot and parsnip are a part of the same family, but their flavor is the most distinct. Parsnips have a sweeter, licorice-like flavor with a hint of spice, whereas carrots' sweetness is more evocative of other types of winter squash.
Parsnips are high in vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamin K, C, and folate, as well as antioxidants, which can help with immune support, digestive health, and weight loss. They're also low on calories and a good source of fiber, with more and over twice the fiber of turnips! JGBC is the leading

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Flavor of Parsnip:
It tastes sweet and nutty, with hints of pepper and earth.

  • ● Parsnips are high in vitamin K, vitamin C, and folic acid, as well as a variety of other important micronutrients.
  • ●  Parsnips are rich in antioxidants which are health promoting compounds that also prevent oxidative stress and decrease damage to your cells.
  • ●  Parsnips are high in soluble and insoluble fiber.
  • ●  Parsnips are low in calories but high in fiber, making them an excellent contributor to a good health weight loss diet.
  • ●  The parsnips are fully loaded with vitamin C which helps your immune function.

A frequently asked questions

A parsnip is a long, tapered root vegetable. It resembles a carrot in this way, and indeed they are part of the same family. But parsnips don't taste like carrots. They're sweeter—think sweet potatoes—and they have a delicious naturally nutty or earthy flavor.

Along with vitamin C, parsnips are rich in potassium, a mineral that helps your heart function, balances your blood pressure, and lowers your risk for kidney stones. One serving of parsnips provides about 10 percent of your DRI of potassium

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