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Curry Leaves

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What are curry leaves

The curry tree, Murraya koenigii, also known as Bergera koenigii, is a tropical and subtropical tree that is indigenous to Asia and is a member of the Rutaceae family. Although M. koenigii belongs to a different family than neem, Azadirachta indica, which is in the related family Meliaceae, the plant is also occasionally referred to as sweet neem despite this.
Aromatic herbs called curry leaves are used in South Indian cuisine. The glossy leaves are teardrop-shaped, bright green, and about one and a half inches long. They grow on the citrus-family curry tree, which is also known as "sweet neem leaves." These fragrant leaves have an anise- and lemongrass-like flavour and a strong, distinct lemon scent. JGBC Farm are the

Curry Leaves Supliers in India

which are

hydroponically grown

in the presence of sunlight and kept and harvested in a hygienic way to preserve them from the bacteria and serve quality to our customers.

Flavor :

Curry leaves have a mildly bitter flavour and a sweet, pungent smell.

  • ● Curry leaf consumption was found to increase the brain-protecting antioxidants.
  • ● Diarrhoeal and constipative conditions can be effectively treated with curry leaves.
  • ● Curry leaves have the potential to be antimutagenic. They defend our bodies against various cancers.
  • ● Curry leaves shield our hearts from oxidative harm. Curry leaf consumption also lowers cholesterol levels. Additionally, it lowers triglyceride levels.
  • ● Curry leaves contain a lot of plant substances that are potent antioxidants. These substances maintain our health and shield us from many diseases.

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