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Kaffir Lime Leaves

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What are kaffir lime leaves

A particular variety of lime leaf used in Southeast Asian cooking is called KAFFIR LIME LEAVES.
Kaffir limes have citrus notes and are less tart than regular limes. People use Kaffir lime leaves for their citrusy notes because they give food a distinctive aroma that is difficult to achieve with any other ingredient.
Kaffir lime leaves are frequently used in Thai, Cambodian, and Indonesian curries, stir-fries, and other dishes.
Kaffir lime leaves are also employed medicinally because they are thought to possess therapeutic qualities.
You can find kaffir limes in asian markets and grocery stores and in india jaywant green blss corporation are the leading manufacturer and supplier of kaffir lime leaves and also other fresh herbs.

How to use kaffir lime leaves

Kaffir limes leaves can be used as a dried or fresh in various dishes, kaffir limes are hard to eat and tough to chew, and Make sure to separate the leaves by pulling them away from the stem joint while holding the leaf before adding them into your recipe.
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Flavor :

Compared to a bay or curry leaf, they have a spiced-citrus flavour that is                  much lighter and zestier.

  • ● In aromatherapy, kaffir lime oil is used to lessen stress, anxiety, and fatigue from illness.
  • ● Kaffir lime oil has the potential to lessen acne growth and the appearance of scars and blemishes that follow.
  • ● Citronellal and limonene, two terpenes found in Kaffir lime oil, are antioxidants that rage in skin products today.
  • ● Extracts from kaffir limes stop bacteria from growing on wounds to speed healing. They are effective topical antiseptics as a result.

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