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The fresh or dried leaves of the oregano plant are used to make oregano, a herb. The plant produces tiny leaves that give a variety of savoury foods a strong flavour and pungent aroma. The plant produces edible pink or purple flowers when it is in bloom, as a herb it is gluten free and perfect for vegan as well. Fresh oregano has the most flavour of aroma. Fresh oregano is most commonly used in bouquet garni for making stocks and soups. The more popular variety is dried oregano, which some people prefer because it is more subdued and doesn't overpower foods the way fresh oregano might.

Use of Fresh Oregano

You can use fresh oregano for different purposes such as while cooking, sprinkle meat , chicken with oregano for flavour, you can chop into small pieces to mix them in pizza and bread dough for a hereby flavour, add them into salads to give a minty flavour.
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Flavor :

Fresh leaves have a strong peppery flavour that can occasionally be bitter or                  astringent.

  • ● Control diabetes.
  • ● Protect against certain types of cancer.
  • ● Extracts of oregano may lessen the risk of oxidative stress-induced DNA damage in cells.
  • ● The oregano oil's oils and components, including thymol and rosmarinic acid, seem to have anti-inflammatory effects.
  • ● Oregano is used in herbal medicine to treat many elements like; skin sores, aching muscles, asthma, diarrhoea, indigestion, etc.

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