Lettuce Romaine Red (Bouquet)

Category : Leafy Vegetables
Red Romaine leaves provide salads and sandwiches a pleasant, delicious crunch. The heads are thick enough to grill if they are allowed to form. Although plants need full light for growth and are sluggish to bolt, they will take partial shade in warmer regions and may even prefer it in the spring. immune to the mosaic virus. Baby Red Romaine lettuce has stiff, erect leaves and is tiny to medium in size with an elongated form. The spoon-shaped leaves are dark green with hues of copper, scarlet, and purple, and are attached to a central root that has been blanched. The heads are closely packed and uniformly shaped. JGBC is the leading Red

Lettuce Romaine Supplier in India

A narrow rib runs across the middle of the lighter-colored, often pale yellow to green interior leaves. The firm rib is crisp, juicy, and succulent, and the outer leaves are broad and silky with numerous folds and wrinkles. The flavor of baby red romaine lettuce is quite mild and neutral. It is crisp and tender. The finest uses for baby red romaine lettuce are in both raw and cooked foods like braising and gentle boiling. The leaves can be used as a dipping vessel for sauces, dips, and fillings or fresh and torn for salads, particularly Caesar salads. Also available in the form of a bouquet delivered to you straight from the farm with roots and the right nutrients in the most fresh state possible.

Flavors : Crisp and tender with an extremely mild, unflavored flavor.

  • ● Preserves teeth and bones healthy and boosts the immune system.
  • ●  Helps in bone formation and maintenance, blood coagulation, muscle, neuron, and muscle function.
  • ●  Prevent bone mineral loss and fractures caused by osteoporosis.
  • ●  Keeps the heart, lungs, and kidneys healthy. Vitamin A also supports the eyes.
  • ●  Enables cell division and the production of DNA and genetic material.
  • ●  Relaxes the muscles in your body and promotes the functioning of enzymes.
  • ●  Potassium is an electrolyte that keeps your heart beating regularly.

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