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and radicchio are both leafy vegetables, while radicchio has a more bitter flavor. a reddish, white-streaked chicory type that originated in Italy. The leaves and roots can be cooked or consumed raw in salads. a member of the chicory family of vegetables, having ribs that are a creamy tint and a tight head of dark scarlet leaves. Radicchio features brilliant green leaves when it first starts to develop, which mature into deep green, then turn burgundy red. The leaves are used in salads and prepared foods.
They have a slightly bitter flavor and a crisp texture. Depending on the variety chosen, the leaves could be either rounded or elongated. Since it maintains a good texture after cooking, it can be grilled or cooked with ingredients. Additionally, it adds a lovely, crispy texture to a variety of salads. Radicchio is offered all year long. Pick heads with shiny, crisp leaves when making your selection. Avoid heads with leaves that have dry stem ends, brown patches, or shriveled leaves. JGBC is the

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Flavors : Its purple, white-veined leaves are deliciously crisp and bitter when eaten raw.

  • ● Contain elements that could reduce your risk of developing heart disease.
  • ●  Contains antioxidants that improve gut health and repair oxidative stress-related cell damage.
  • ●  Includes substances that might aid in the fight against parasitic illnesses.
  • ●  Vitamin K, which is abundant in radicchio and controls and encourages the body's calcium absorption, is present in high concentrations.
  • ●  Encourages regular bowel movements, which enhances the digestive system.

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