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Simpson Green Lettuce

Category : Leafy Vegetables
Simpson green lettuce is a type of

green leaf lettuce

with tender, curly, brilliant green leaves that adds crunch and flavor to sandwiches, burgers, and salads. This lovely, ruffled type is also a preferred option for commercial garnishes and food bars. It is a fantastic source of vitamin A, which supports healthy skin and eyes. Since 1850, Simpson has been a preferred lettuce for its high quality, distinctive flavor, and ruffled, bright green leaves. Simpson has been a tremendously popular lettuce type for more than 150 years and was one of the first to be recognised as a "heirloom" variety.
It is one of the mildest-flavored and most sensitive leaf lettuce ever created. The ruffled leaves are great for salads and other dishes since they are huge, attractively coloured green, and particularly juicy. Outstanding flavor can be found in its ruffled and soft leaves. Since at least 1900, Simpson has been THE lettuce variety that gardeners prefer. It is typically regarded as the main heirloom lettuce species. At all growth phases, the leaves remain flavorful, and plants take a while to bolt (flower). The plants have curled, light-green leaves and are upright and compact.
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Flavors : Most tender and delicately flavored leaf lettuces with light and sweet taste.

  • ● Significant levels of vitamins A and K are present in lettuce.
  • ●  They are a refreshing option in hot weather due to their high water content.
  • ●  They also supply folate, vitamin C, calcium, and potassium.
  • ●  Fantastic source of vitamin A, which supports healthy skin and eyes.
  • ●  A source of vitamin K, which promotes bone health.
  • ●  Increases bodily hydration and can help with hydration. as 95% of it is water.

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