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What is sage fresh

The perennial herb sage (Salvia officinalis) belongs to the mint family. It is highly aromatic and used both fresh and dried in meat dishes, soups, and stuffings.
Sage leaves are tapered and between 2 to 3 inches long. They may appear silvery in part due to their soft and fuzzy nature (a common characteristic of plants in the mint family).
The woody shrub sagebrush, which is not even a member of the same plant family as culinary sage, is distinct from it.

How to use sage fresh

Sage that is still fresh has more of the volatile aromatic compounds present, giving it a fresher aroma and flavour. You should chop the fresh leaves finely because they have that fuzzy texture; otherwise, it may be like biting into little caterpillars in your food.
We offer sage fresh, as we are the different

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Flavor :

The sage fresh has a strong, slightly mint, musky taste.

  • ● Sage has antimicrobial properties that can eliminate bacteria that cause dental plaque.
  • ● Leaves of sage fresh are used as a remedy against diabetes to lower the blood sugar level.
  • ● The antioxidant-rich properties of sage fresh have been shown to support the defence mechanisms of your brain.
  • ● Sage contains a lot of vitamin K, which is important for bone health. This vitamin's absence has been linked to thinning bones and fractures.
  • ● By scavenging potentially harmful free radicals linked to chronic diseases, antioxidants are molecules that strengthen your body's defences, these all are present     in sage fresh.

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