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Thai Red Eye Chilli

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What are Thai red Eye Chilli

When fully mature, Thai chillies have smooth skin that changes from a bright green to a vibrant red colour. Its name comes from the shape of its meaty, seed-encasing flesh, which is reminiscent of a bird's beak. Benefits. The Thai bird or bird's eye chilli is a digestive aid.
Thai chilli, also referred to as bird's eye chilli, is a common chilli pepper in Southeast Asia. Its potent flavour is used to flavour and spice food. In contrast to jalapenos, which have a Scoville heat range of 2,500–10,000, Thai chilis have a much higher heat level, between 50,000 and 100,000.

producer of Thai Red Chilli

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Flavor :

Without being sweet, it has a berry-like flavour, and when you bite into one                  of these, the heat explodes in your mouth.

  • ● Additionally, chilli peppers offer a possible all-natural cancer treatment.
  • ● Chilli peppers can be used to lessen joint pain in addition to being a natural source of pain relief for headaches and migraines.
  • ● Chilli peppers' distinctive red colour is a sign that they are high in beta-carotene, or pro-vitamin A. Vitamin A is essential for preserving a healthy respiratory     system.
  • ● Chilli peppers can also support your cardiovascular system and ward off heart disease in a healthy, natural way. Potassium, a mineral with a variety of uses in the     body, is abundant in chilli peppers.
  • ● The benefits of capsaicin for weight loss and gut health are among its greatest benefits. Contrary to what most people think, chilli peppers can actually soothe     your stomach and help heal stomach ulcers.

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