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What is wheatgrass

The first leaves of the common wheat plant that have just sprouted, or wheatgrass, are consumed as a food, beverage, or nutritional supplement. In contrast to wheat malt, which is convectively dried, wheatgrass is served fresh or freeze dried. Wheat malt is not able to grow as tall or as long as wheatgrass.

Benefits of wheatgrass

Wheatgrass is incredibly beneficial to your health because it contains a potent combination of nutrients. It is referred to as complete nourishment and offers numerous therapeutic advantages.
Wheatgrass may be a fantastic choice to improve your health due to its extensive combination of vitamins and nutrients. Antioxidant, bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties are all present in wheatgrass.

How to use wheatgrass

You can use wheatgrass as a drink, food or nutrient supplement which provides Iron, calcium, enzymes, magnesium, vitamins A,C,E,K and B complex proteins and much more.
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Flavor :

Wheatgrass has a strong grassy flavour that can mask other flavours.

  • ● Wheatgrass juice can increase metabolism and promote weight loss.
  • ● The nutrients in wheatgrass help your body get rid of toxins and impurities that have been stored.
  • ● Wheatgrass contains a lot of digestive enzymes that help your body digest food and absorb nutrients.
  • ● Consuming wheatgrass can also help you to lower your cholesterol which decreases the risk of heart diseases.
  • ● Your immune system will function stronger due to consumption of wheatgrass. This may prevent illness and infection. Additionally, when your immunity is     functioning at its best, you probably feel better.

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