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What is shiso green ?

Shiso leaves

, an aromatic herb related to mint in the plant kingdom, are frequently served with sushi and sashimi. They should be consumed with the main course on the plate.
If you've ever had sushi or a Japanese bento box and noticed fake plastic grass strips separating the food, those are supposed to be shiso leaves. The plastic has been cut to resemble the shiso leaves' distinctive saw-toothed edges. Shiso is traditionally used to divide the foods on a tray or platter in order to prevent the flavours of various foods from blending. Shiso leaves are also said to possess antibacterial properties due to substances known as phytoncides, which are thought to aid in preventing food spoilage when it is wrapped in the leaves. Shiso leaves have been used by the Japanese for centuries to prevent raw fish and seafood from going bad. Shiso can be a little difficult to find fresh and a little more expensive than other

fresh herbs

, depending on where you live. It can occasionally be found dried or frozen.
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Flavour. A mountain meadow after a rainstorm, mint, basil, tarragon, cilantro,                  cinnamon, and green shiso are just a few flavours that come to mind when                  people think of the flavour of green shiso.

  • ● Shiso perilla extract may also lessen pain in the joints and bones as well as inflammation.
  • ● Shiso perilla is praised by researchers for having a high nutrient content, making it a great addition to many dishes.
  • ● The amount of fat in shiso perilla leaves is only 1 g. Fortunately, the leaves only contain unsaturated fat, which lowers the risk of cardiac disorders compared to     saturated fat. Instead, this dietary fat supports good health in general.
  • ● 7 g of carbohydrates are present in every 100 grams of perilla leaves. The absence of sugar in the leaves makes them a superior option for people with high     blood sugar. High fibre levels in the leaves may aid in weight loss because they increase satiety.

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